Finding freedom from anger, frustration and other unwanted emotions

Stress, anger, frustration, feeling like a victim of circumstance: All this and more can be part of day’s work for the average leader (or employee). This reality does not come without a cost. Unchecked emotions affect customer satisfaction, management/employee retention, engagement, stress level and health…Face it: The lack of emotional mastery in leaders can affect the bottom line in profound ways. Once considered a “soft-skill,” Emotional Intelligence is increasingly being recognized as a key differentiator in the 21st century workplace. This training will lay a solid foundation to foster a greater sense of self-leadership and ownership for participants in their businesses (and lives).

Take Aways:

  • Participants have a greater understanding of what emotions are, where they come from and the role they play in creating them
  • Leaders leave with a concrete skill/formula to avoid unwanted emotions
  • Participants equipped to separate emotion from action/reaction
  • Leaders in charge of emotions = greater guest satisfaction, employee retention, sales & profit
  • Increased sense of ownership & personal responsibility; less of a victim mentality


  • Highly experienced and passionate facilitator
  • Engaging, interactive environment; lending itself to group participation    
  • Meaningful content to include:
    • Emotions: What they are and where they come from
    • The effect of varying emotions on life & business
    • The Fight, Flight or Freeze Reaction: What it is and how to mitigate it
    • A simple formula to avoid unwanted emotions
  • Learning anchored through exercise utilizing a real and current issue unique to the individual

Audience: Leadership Level or Employee Level

Duration: 1-hour minimum, 2-hours recommended

Customization: Content can be tailored to meet your organization's needs. Longer training duration allows for deeper discussion, additional takeaways and experiential learning exercises

Fee: Varies dependent on duration, customization, preparation, materials & travel