Imagine if you and/or your team could:

  • Lead through adversity without being clouded by emotion
  • Minimize stress in business and at home
  • Rise to challenges with presence & wisdom rather than panic & reaction
  • Birth creative solutions rather than resting in problems
  • Minimize feelings of overwhelm even in exceedingly busy times
  • Stop taking the reaction of others personally
  • Successfully replenish and rejuvenate energy when away from work
  • Recognize and rise above old patterns that limit your ability to lead
  • Work with direct reports more effectively, maximizing their strengths

Let's see what's possible for YOU through a one-on-one coaching engagement with me.

Would your bottom line benefit? Your quality of life? Your ability to effectively lead? CONTACT ME below to get the ball rolling. Let's set up a time to talk.

Executive coaching engagements available in terms from two to twelve months.

What my clients are saying:

"Laura, you have become such a lifeline for me during this difficult time in our organization. If my company opts not to continue coaching for us, I will hire you myself."  -j.r. vp healthcare

"After working with you, I'm more confident and assertive as a leader."  -k.f. site supervisor

"I'm much less reactive and think things through before responding. I have better relationships with my family and, believe it or not, my teenage son is much more likely to speak openly with me."  -y.o. dr. of optometry

"I always find myself rushing into our appointments thinking, "I don't have time", yet as usual, this session has been so enlightening, balancing and helpful."  -d.m. vp healthcare

“Without that tool, I would still be in the hamster wheel. That changed everything.”  -j.r. vp healthcare

“I’ve reworked my priorities; my own health is now on the list."  l.u. multi-unit leader


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