Though my clients come to me for a myriad of reasons, they share one thing in common...each has a little voice inside telling them something that can no longer be ignored...

Maybe you can relate:

"There must be something more."

A successful executive, a little bored yet unable to fully relax, seeking more meaning in her life.

"What's my purpose?"

A soon-to-be empty-nester, "If I'm not a mom, who am I?"

"I can't live like this anymore."

A woman mired in self-judgement and feelings of unworthiness.

"I know what to do, I'm just not doing it."

A highly intelligent woman; overweight, with chronic fatigue.

"I have to put myself & my work out there, but I'm terrified."

An aspiring author and filmmaker fearing the judgment of others.

"This is really important and what I'm doing isn't working."

An unemployed husband, father and creative wanting to get back to supporting his family.


There's something about that little voice, the voice of your doesn't go away...

When your mind nags you it tends to be somewhat fleeting. In time, whatever that message was just fades away. But not so for your inner wisdom; your soul. Your soul keeps sending the message—starting with a whisper…then a full voice…then a shout…then a nudge…then a punch…then a 2x4…then a steamroller. Your soul wants your attention and it doesn't give up. The question is, how much suffering will you create for yourself while you wait?

My coaching might be for you if you:

  • Thrive in a safe/non-judgmental space where you can feel free to explore and be truly honest with yourself
  • Seek a partner who can hold your vision for you even if/when you can't
  • Believe personal growth can be fun and enjoy creative ways to help you expand your perspective
  • Are open to using what's happening inside of you to gain insights on what's happening outside
  • Enjoy working at whatever level will best serve you in the moment: behavioral, mental and/or spiritual
  • Are wiling to step out of your comfort zone to experiment with new things; try things once and report back
  • Seek an environment that allows you to hear your own inner wisdom and make your own decisions
  • Embrace tools and processes that will help you continue your success after coaching is complete

My coaching is not for you if you:

  • Want to be told what to do
  • Have a victim's mindset and are unwilling to take responsibility for the circumstances of your life
  • Are not willing to step out of you comfort zone
  • Expect your coach to "fix you"
  • Enjoy staying in your story rather than working in your solution

My coaching is not for everyone. If you are seriously looking for a coach, I encourage you to take your time in order to find just the right fit for you and your needs.

I work with a select number of highly committed individuals serious about answering the call of that little voice. If you would like to have a conversation about the possibility of coaching with me, please CONTACT ME below and I'll send you an application. Filling this out is a wonderful way for your to solidify exactly what you're seeking to receive through coaching with me.

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"Laura is a masterful coach. She helped me untangle subtle issues that were keeping me stuck (all in a span of the first hour working with her!). She is not afraid to ask the hard questions, at the same time, she is very thoughtful in asking them. I appreciate her sense of humor and very perceptive instinct. She listens well and helps me dig deep and piece things together. I have been able to move forward and take strides after working with Laura. I highly recommend her and look forward to working with her again!"  -l.v. entrepeneur

“I have been working with Laura Dewey for just shy of a year now. In that time I have experienced deep healing, divine inspiration and the birth of my dream creative project. The space she holds is safe, loving and honest and it provides the room for me to look at what I want, honestly dissect what is keeping me from getting it and then, moving through those fears or mis-beliefs, to see real change and growth. I have so valued my time with her and know I can look forward to so much more to come!”  -e.s. author

“I brought my main stressor into my first coaching session with Laura Dewey. She quickly got to the heart of the matter--literally! We resolved my issue by finding out the block to my progress was not about the project, but an emotion buried deep inside. In the process, I learned so much about myself. Thank you Laura!”  -s.s. business owner

“Working with Laura Dewey has made an immense impact on my life, specifically around career and family. Through her assistance, I have grown to see that so much of my success in life is about who I am being rather than what I am doing. My new way of being has enabled me to tap into my own personal power and finally stop playing small. Coaching with Laura is a refreshing experience. She has a gentle touch, all the while taking a very strong, clear stand for my highest good. I highly recommend Laura Dewey to anyone looking to release any judgments or fears around stepping into higher levels of success.”  -k.v. financial services

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