"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

-Mary Oliver


If you'd like to live it with a spark of Aliveness! you're in the right place!

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to feel like life is passing us by. We often find ourselves going through the motions, lacking the energy or motivation to truly engage with our lives.

But what if there was a way to break free from this cycle? What if you could wake up each day feeling truly alive, with a deep sense of purpose and connection to the world around you?

Aliveness! offers a path to rediscovering the joy and vitality that comes from living life to the fullest. Join us on this journey of self-discovery and transformation, and start living a life that truly lights you up.




  ✹ Feeling lighter, inside and out
  ✹ Being full of energy & vitality
  ✹ Experiencing joy on a regular basis
  ✹ Looking forward to your day
  ✹ Feeling naturally more positive



  And realeasing...


  ✹ The heaviness
  ✹ The deep inner fatigue
  ✹ That same old, same old feeling
  ✹ Dreading the activities of your day
  ✹ Those hijacking busy, spinning thoughts



It Is Possible!



A Personal Invitation from Laura

Laura Dewey has been in private practice for over 12 years. She brings a wealth of experience to her work: over 30 years in leadership, a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, hundreds of hours teaching both in and outside of organizations, a PCC credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF), 20+ years in recovery and so much more.

This is the first live course Laura has taught, outside of her corporate work, since late 2020. Don't miss this opportunity to learn with Laura!


What We'll Do

Week 1: Self-Awareness


Self-awareness is key to growth. I always compare self-awareness to GPS. In order to use GPS, it needs to know two things. Where are you are and where you want to go. We humans are the same way. In order to grow, we need to know those two things also. That’s why we begin by getting crystal clear on where you are and where you would like to be instead.


Week 1: Defining Aliveness! for YOU


The next step is to identify what Aliveness! means to you, as everyone is a little different. How will YOU know when you feel truly alive? Energy, joy, movement, meaningful connections, positivity, etc…What is it for you?


Weeks 2-6: Identifying & Overcoming Barriers to Aliveness!


Five weeks will be spent exploring barriers to Aliveness! and strategies to arrive there. Most importantly, you’ll discover the root of what’s keeping you feeling less than alive and learn to release its hold on you. Through meaningful discussion, processes and experimentation, you’ll be able to witness growth over these weeks; your growth and that of your course-mates.


Week 7: Sustaining Growth & Stepping into Possibility


The other thing I hear All. The. Time. is: "I’m afraid I’m gonna backslide and lose all this progress." Let’s talk about why that is really unlikely to happen as well as how you can support yourself to shore up your skills. We’ll then celebrate growth and imagine what’s possible from this new place. Woo hoo!


You’re just a few steps away from sparking your Aliveness!


What You'll Receive


✅  The opportunity to put sacred time aside for YOU  and your growth & transformation in a loving, non-judgmental container for growth.


✅  Seven 90-minute interactive learning sessions (via zoom) led live by Laura. Space for clarification, questions, sharing, experiential partner processes and other goodness.


✅  Access to recordings of calls.
✅  Meaningful assignments to be done outside of class that will allow our in-person time to be devoted to questions and experiential learning. Assignments should take 30 minutes or less with one assignment being 45 minutes.
✅  Experiments to do between learning sessions – note, these likely WON’T TAKE TIME, they happen within your real life. They do take a measure of ATTENTION, however.
✅  A community of fellow learners and the benefit of hearing the thoughts and experiences of others.
✅  A Telegram (app) group for interaction between learning sessions.

Don't Wait. Take action towards living with Aliveness!

Get access to this extraordinary growth experience.

Frequently Asked Questions


Only $347

Until 8 am Sat April 6th, then $397

  • Understand what Aliveness! means to you and learn to bust through your personal barriers to feeling alive.

  • Seven 90-minute zoom calls live with Laura (recordings available).

  • Learn & grow in a community of like-minded Souls.

  • Connect with Laura and others between calls to keep the learning going.


Money Back Guarantee

If, after attending the first week's call, you decide Aliveness! is not for you, your investment will be returned in full, no questions asked.

See you on April 16th!