Welcome to Laura Dewey Coaching!

In a nutshell, my coaching & training are about four things:

1. Emotional Intelligence: I champion an inside-out approach to life. From this perspective, you become the owner of your life rather than the victim of circumstance. This is the ultimate power—and you learn skills to harness it.

2. Inner Wisdom: You have an untapped wellspring of resources within you. I help you slow down and get quiet enough to hear what you already know.

3. Tools & Processes: I'm interested in lasting change & transformation. I provide you with what you need to be successful long after our coaching/training relationship is complete.

4. Experiential Learning: I encourage you to experiment for yourself rather than taking whatever I say at face value. Only you can decide what’s right for you and your life and the best way to do that is through first hand experience.

That’s what I bring and it’s a powerful combination. Click on one of the boxes above to learn more about how to work with me OR just drop me an email through the form below.

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